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We are settling in to our new house in Valdez, next to the beautiful Sange de Cristo mountains. Chris has been building a control system for Ojo Caliente entailing remote sensing of temperatures, pressures, flow rates, and current to be displayed from any web browser. The data is written to an SQL server, so this logging can be used to detect problems and alert people via text/email. It will also automatically control flow rates through heat pumps to maintain the highest temperatures.

Anything tech....Really!

I can help with anything from setting up your audio video systems to designing and implementing a secure point of sale system to designing energy systems in your new off-grid home.


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Technocat is Chris Helvey, located in Taos, NM. With a 32 career in Information Technology, Chris is well equipped to work with information systems of all sizes. My certifications are extensive, and my experience is both deep and wide. Security, Networking, VPNs, Mail, Database Infrastructure, Directory Services, Cloud Integration, and much more. And...plain old PC and Mac help.